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E.T. Ewa Tomczak company operates in the field of co-packing services.

In a comprehensive way we deal with food and industrial products packaging, in accordance with our slogan “from design to finished product”.

We offer a wide range of technology solutions, from multieditional professional packaging services to simple assembly, labeling or gluing.

In the process of contract execution we use plastic packaging, paper or thermo films (PVC and PET), in accordance with the principles of environmental protection. We take into account the recovery of waste and full use of raw materials in the process as well as the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

Our system’s organisation allows for fast and professional execution of orders. We offer complex logistic service in high-storage warehouse with the controlled conditions of storage as well as transport.

We provide full customers’ products traceability in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22005 standard. Our offer covers the adaptation of production organisation to individual customers’ or market requirements.

The quality of our services is confirmed by implemented certificates ISO 22000, BRC for Food Safety, P & G 19KE and a number of our customers.

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